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Nava Bharathi Educational Society has started the college of Education in the year 1984. The campus of the college is spread over 3 acres of land. The College is set up with high ambition in the educational field. The institution is meeting high academic standard and systematic work emphasing quality and creativity. The College has good infrastructure with well ventilated, spacious lecture Halls, Library and Laboratory. It has enough accommodation for the Principals room, staff room and visitor's room. There is extensive play area, spread over one and half acre for sports, games and other activities. The staff of the College is highly qualified, experienced, dedicated and committed to the field of Education. Every year the institution is producing 98% results which speak volumes about dedication and commitment of the management and the staff. The College is conducting Debates, Seminars and Workshops where opportunities are given to all the students and encourage them to take part in these activities. The staff will take part in workshops and seminars conducted by the university.

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  • 1. A lecture by Geetha Lakshmi (Retd DIET) on phonetic in communicative English.

  • 2. Lecture by Prof Raja Mouli on Psychological testing.

  • 3. Prof Purushotham Reddy’s lecture on Role of an Indian citizen in Protecting the Environment.

  • 4. Visit by students to Brahma Kumari Ashram. Lecture by Anitha at Brahma Kumari Ashram.

  • 5. A guest lecture by Prof Raj Gopal CIEFC on phonetics.

  • 6. Two days workshop on Heart fullness by Dr. K.N.P.Rao Ramachandra Mission at college campus

  • 7. Conducted Seminar on meditation and Yoga by Dr.K.N.P.Rao and Devender.

  • 8. Workshop on A Powerful and Prosperous India By Prof K.S.Sudheer Reddy OU.

  • B.Ed I Semester students visited
    Meteorological Department,
    National Institute of Nutrition ( NIN)
    Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB)
    Ram Chandra Mission for field work.