Why choose us

We at Nava Bharathi College of Education aim at a complete development of the student-teacher; particularly in knowledge and skills, in individual care of the learner and also in methods and evaluation designed to facilitate learning. We also aim at developing understanding of and competence to render disciplinary knowledge into forms relevant to stage specific understanding of teaching-learning situation apprehended through intensive study of conceptual explanations, observation and analysis of live classroom situations as well as hand-on experiences and longer duration of field experience.

Interactive processes, i.e. group reflection, critical thinking and meaning- making have been encouraged. The maturity of student-teachers has been kept in mind while visualising modes of learning engagements; instead of continuous teacher monitoring, greater autonomy to learners has been given in accordance with andragogic principles of learning. Our B.Ed syllabus retains the essence of student-teachers being active participants in the learning process and prepares the student-teachers for facing the emerging challenges resulting out of globalisation and its consequences.